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About hyperhydrosis? A brief background

Are you worried about sweating too much during the day when you're busy at work? Many people who suffer from this problem don't like shaking hands or being around other people simply because of the fear they may smell bad. They are very self-conscious but they don't realize that this may make the problem worse. Daily tasks can't be done properly because the sweating problems become a hindrance.

What is hyperhydrosis?

The medical terminology used for excessive sweating is hyperhydrosis. This condition is defined as excessive abnormal sweating. It is the body's way of keeping the body temperature down. A person can sweat anywhere on his or her body like the face and arms.

Types of hyperhydrosis

Local hyperhydrosis is the term used when a person sweats more in a particular area rather than in most of the body. Generalized hyperhydrosis is classified as sweating anywhere in the body. Some causes include improper thyroid functioning, cancer, being overweight and running fever. You need to seek medical attention if the problem is persistent.

Another answer to the question: "what is hyperhydrosis?"

There are other types based on what caused the condition. If the sweating is not caused by any medical condition or drug, and is natural, this is called primary hyperhydrosis. When the problem is caused by something that is not related to any medical problems, this is referred to as primary hyperhydrosis. Another type is facial and this term is self explanatory, meaning sweating of the face and is common amongst both mean as well as women.

The axillary type is when a person sweats excessively in the underarms and this leads to people being self-conscious and uncomfortable. Some people even go as far as wearing a jacket at all times to hide it. It also causes an odor coming from the body. Palmar hyperhydrosis is associated with sweating in a person's hands. This is the reason why those who suffer from this problem are afraid of shaking hands with others. The embarrassment leads to sweating at an even higher amount. The last type is plantar which is when a person's feet release a lot of sweat leading to foot odor.

How can hyperhydrosis be controlled?

Try some easy ways you can temporarily treat the problem. You will find over the counter items such as powders, deodorants, lotions and more but they may not work well for those who have generalized type excessive sweating issues. A doctor prescribed medicine will also control it but there may be side effects. Prescriptions can block the correlation between the nerves and your sweat glands.

If these options don't work, consult a specialist for a longer lasting solution, unlike standard items which don't last long at all. Usually, with surgical treatments, side effects are not common. See a doctor to help you select the best option for you, especially if you're not sure what to do.

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